Dash’s Meats

Dash's catering options from Home Run Vending

Little Neck Clams, 50 ct. $26
Marinated Sirloin Shishkabobs, $12/lb.
Marinated Chicken Shishkabobs, $9/lb.
Prime Whole Beef Tenderloin, $26/lb.
Prime Porterhouse Steak, $24/lb.
Veal Top Round Cutlet, $21/lb.
Loin Lamb Chops, $20/lb.
Baby Rack Pork Ribs, $7/lb.
Choice Backless Strip Steaks, $11/lb.
Choice Porterhouse Steak, $14/lb.
Choice Tomahawk Delmonico Steak, $18/lb.
Boneless Chicken Cordon Bleu, $5/lb.
Chicken Florentine, $5/lb.
Stuffed Chicken Riviera, $5/lb.
Stuffed broccoli and Cheddar chicken, $5/lb.

Dash’s Sausages, $6/lb.

Hot Classic Italian
Mild Classic Italian
Fresh Pork Polish with Marjoram
Chorizo Pork
Cheese & Parsley Pork Italian
Hot Pork Italian
Mild Pork Italian
Cheese & Parsley Chicken
Spinach & Feta Chicken
Buffalo Wing Chicken Italian
Spicy Chicken Italian
Mild Chicken Italian

Federal Meats

Federal Meats catering options from Home Run Vending

Federal Meats

Variety Meat Pack, $155

4 Lbs. Boneless or Bone-In Pork Chops
5 Lbs. Ground Beef
5 Lbs. Chicken Legs
2 Lbs. Boneless Chicken Breasts
2 Lbs. Chuck Patties
2 Lbs. Italian Sausage Patties
(Mild, Hot or Pepper & Onion)
2 Lbs. Chicken Fingers (Seasoned or Plain)
3 Lbs. Skin-on Sahlen Hot Dogs

Federal Meats

The True Steak Package, $210

4 Lbs. Porterhouse
2 Lbs. Delmonico
2 Lbs. Strip Steaks
4 Pcs. Gourmet Filet wrapped in Bacon

Federal Meats

The Grill Pack, $210

5 Lbs. Spare Ribs
3 Lbs. Porterhouse
3 Lbs. Extra Large Shrimp
4 Lbs. Italian Sausage Links
(Hot, Mild)
4 Lbs. Chuck Patties
3 Lbs. Skin-on Sahlen Hot Dogs
2 Lbs. Calico Baked Beans

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