Healthy Vending Machine Choices based in Amherst & Buffalo, NY

Healthy Vending Machine Choices based in Amherst & Buffalo, NY

Today’s focus is on health and wellness, vending machines have come a long way to respond to consumers changing tastes.

Home Run Vending Services has been at the forefront of the healthy vending movement for many years, our products are school compliant. We are pleased to offer the following:


  • Vitamin Water
  • Sparkling Ice
  • Gatorade Products
  • Monster Products
  • Red Bull
  • Starbucks Frappuccino
  • Mineral Water
  • V8 Juice
  • Bail Flavored Gluten Free Water
  • Lipton Natural Cold Tea Drinks
  • Snapple Ice Tea Products
  • Arizona Ice Tea Products
  • Lifewater Products
  • Pepsi Products
  • Coke Products
  • Bottled Water






  • Fiber One Bars
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars
  • Nature Valley Protein Bars
  • Kellogg’s Multigrain Bars
  • Belvita Breakfast Bars
  • Maruchan Instant Lunch Products
  • Kars Healthy Nut Mixes
  • Planter’s Nutrition Mix
  • Organic Kettle Popcorn
  • Veggie Straws
  • Lays Baked Products
  • Reduced Fat Chip Products
  • Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • Quaker Snack Mix
  • Chex Mix Products
  • Whole Grain Muffins
  • Whole Grain Pop tarts
  • Nabisco Wheat Thins
  • SunChips



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